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Just Won World of Tanks

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Thats it, i did it. end credits rolled by, I can confirm, Serb's face is in the end credits. Life goal accomplished, Burda's unlocked

I will now go to the nearest hospital and cure everyone there that has cancer, new calling in life.


Special mention to this amazing team, could not have done it without them.


Basically, IS-7 team kills bat-chat arty, JPE100 team kills IS-7, and the rest proceed to argue the rest of the match, while me and T-54 wrecked one flank

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The Burda's medal is my most cherished achievement too. I screenshotted, printed  and framed it. May even tattoo it on my chest.

Fuck sky cancer.

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A truly epic achievement, I salute you Sir! May the force be with you always 

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Burda's is probably the most recognizable of the rare medals that I don't expect to ever get.  It represents payback at its finest.  A marvelous achievement.  

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