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LFC 1708/2025 54.6/56.5 4'x'

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Hi all,


Looking for a clan to call home.



You: Active. Organized. Not a bunch of jerks.

* I'm looking for activity with Tier 10 tanks (required). T10 Clan wars would be preferred

* I'm looking for activity on any strongholds tiers, but I'm most experienced at 6/8 (required)

* I'm looking for a clan that plans on participating in the next Campaign (required)

* I'm looking for a clan that is transparent WRT gold payouts and attendance

* I'm looking for a clan that has and communicates via its own internal forum.

* I'm looking for a clan that respects the other players in the game, even if they're on the red team.

* It's ok if you have teenagers, but don't act like a bunch of teenagers.


Me (In game):

2025 recent wn8. I play more in the 2100-2300 range with 57-60% W/R. This shows in my 7 day and 30 day recents. Two months ago I had a several week long tilt after joining my last clan for inexplicable reasons. Dropped my recent wn8 to a low of 1800ish for about 5-6 weeks. Not entirely sure what happened, but I am in the process of correcting it. It's inching back up. This also accounts for my horrendous win rate on the IS-7 (it's at 47% now, correcting it up from a low of 42%). The Ru Meds are my own fault though. They were my first T10s. I am correcting their win rates as well (48-49 up from 45-46ish).

I am best in either heavy brawlers or supersneaky lights or med/lights (cut my teeth in game on the MT-25 and T-54 ltwt., and recently I'm really enjoying the LeoP). I'm decent at brawly mediums, and would like to get better at TDs. I have no interest in learning or playing arty except for missions (highest tier I have is 7).

4 Tier 10s: IS-7, IS-4, T-62A, Obj 140

Currently actively grinding: Leo 1 (Currently 50% through Leo P), E5 (currently 70% through T29), BatChat 25t (currently 20% through 1390)

Currently secondary grinding: T57 Heavy (Currently 15% through T49), E4 (currently 50% through T25/2), Obj 263 (currently 50% through SU101), Obj 268 (currently 50% through ISU-152)

Plans for next tanks: E100, FV215B, AX (maybe - currently on the Comet), E3 (maybe - started the Jackson), 121 & 113 (I'm slowly, but methodically grinding these - on the WZ-132 & Type 58-> IS-2)


Tier 8s: I have the IS-3, and all of the T8 scouts. The only tier 8 tank that gets called for which I don't have is the AMX 50 100. I could prioritize it if it's needed.


Tier 6s: Bromwell, Rudy, Type 64, T37 (but I don't like it), 59-16, assorted heavies & other mediums

I can call tier 6 fastbois to reasonable efficiency.


Me (out of game):

Late 30s. Engineer. Gamer. Family. 2 younger kids. I don't tolerate drama. I don't often rage, and know enough that after I get artied the third time in as many games to log off instead of going off like a nitwit. I generally get along with most people, and try to keep religion & politics out of my internet tank games.

Here is the big issue though:

My attendance is almost daily, but it skews heavily toward west coast time zones.

I will be on at 8pm eastern only once in a blue moon

I will be on by 9pm maybe 25% of the time

I will be on by 10pm around 60% of the time

I will be on by 11pm around 90% of the time.

I play until 12:30-1am usually.

This is not something that can or will be 'worked on'. I like tanks, but I like not getting divorced more. I am not interested in joining a clan that operates primarily in the 8pm time zone and then can have someone 'take care of my attendance'. I am also not willing to join a clan in which the entire officer corp isn't aware of my time zone requirements. I have had two clans so far now that promised me one thing and then delivered another WRT attendance requirements. If you as a clan are not doing anything or seldom operate around the 10-11pm EST times, don't bother wasting your or my time, please.


It still shows me as in clan ATM. I dropped last night.

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Have you considered FOXEY yet? Same TS, CW map is kill, we just farm gold there, strongholds will run every night, attacks aren't as common. Clan league and campaigns are planned, as for offline communication, we use slack, our forums are basically ded.

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I'm open to go anywhere assuming it's a good fit for both of us. Looking at your requirements, I don't hit your O/A or recent stats reqs.

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Schedules change all the time depending on where we are on the map.  But we have stronks going at all hours of the night.  Sometimes we start them and the boys keep em going well past midnight!  Best thing I can offer if you want to find out more is invite you come hang out in ts and platoon some and do some stronks with us.  See if it is a good fit or not and decide from there.


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