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Been out of pocket game wise for awhile and also been spending what little spare time I've got on other games (WoWS and even a dabble with WoWP) but I played a few rounds of WoT last night and I've a few questions:

1.  Did the garbage men go on strike again?  Arty trash everywhere....  Was going to restart a heavy grind or two based on what I'm seeing of map reworks but the arty spam has me wondering on that?

2. Some mediums seem to be reworked, buffed etc.  Are they still the best alternative for folks who can't stand arty spam and if so, which lines would you focus on from tier 6+ in light of changes or upcoming changes?

edit: I notice the RU meds seem to still be the default flavor of choice but I gather there are some changes of late for those who will mostly be playing pubs with meds. 

edit2: I haven't had arty in my garage since I sold what I had rebought for those damnable "missions" when they first came out as its just not worth it. 

3. How viable are TDs these days?  Life seems to be rougher on the TD side since I last played.

I know I'm not necessarily a good player but I had been improving, got into green in all categories finally (after 9500+ games) and hope to continue that progress either in 6-8 or 4-7 as I basically take a few and relearn. 


Thanks for any tips/suggestions etc on current state of the game


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1. Arty is still cancer on the NA server.  3-4 per game on the East server, 1-2 on the West server.

2. Mediums in the hands of people who can read the mini map and react ahead of time will always be the meta.  As it stands RU meds>all as usual with their perfect blend of everything.

3. TDs are only viable IF you are driving a JPE100, an E3, or a 183 with RNG on your side.  (That's tier 10s, lower tier TDs are still broken as fuck, high alpha guns where you can just 1v1 anything and win by HP trade)

Oh btw, NA server is dying supposedly.  IDK if it is or not anymore people can't find a reliable source but what I CAN tell you is that we don't see 35k people online on the east server on weekends now....................

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