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M48 Patton and Centurion Action X Challenge [Both 100 Games]

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Hello Friends and @J0N4S2

I'm gonna do a M48 Patton and Centurion X Challenge over Christmas

Don't really have any Goals :unicum: Maybe you can give me some goals :popcorn:

Screenshots of my setup comes later

Maybe this time I will even finish the challenge..

"I don't count my games, I only start counting when it starts hurting" <- not gonna do that




M48 Patton:


Centurion Action X:


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2.5 spots per game in the M48 with 1000+ assist and 3300 average damage.

1.5 spots per game with 700+ assist and 3500 average damage in the Cent AX.

Okee :officersexii:

I'll start next tuesday by the way.. :) 

I might even stream if WoT doesnt get ebola from it 

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Those are some high targets you are setting yourself. 3.5k avg in the AX with at least 5 crippled trees per game sounds fair

Not my goals. they set them for me :dealdog:

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Oh in which case if you want a challenge...

Do 3k+ dmg BUT you must kill one of every vehicle type... using HESH only :P


you mean, 3k damage with HE only and killing a spg, light, med, heavy and td in one game?

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you cannot have 60% WR with 4 games you pinky cheater

oh 5 of course, when I first looked at it I thought it was 4 but I knew it was 5, so my brain fucked up not me :QBFlip:

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