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Lemmings mentoring school

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My computer is about to die and id like a new one so ive decided to offer my body services to players looking to improve their game


Ill start with the requirements:

-Teamspeak 3 with a mic

-Tier 5 tanks minimum


-An actual interest in learning.. I need questions. I cant just, teach you how to be a unicum the same way your math teacher cant teach you how to math. Even if its as simple as "how do I play mediums"


Why am I qualified to to teach you?

- Im a gold league player for the team Caller Wanted

- I have 4200 recent wn8 (last 1000 games)

- 3100 Overall wn8

-Experience in basically every medium, heavy and light tank in the game. 


Every tier 10 of mine (besides my first tier 10 the Object 140) has a minimum of 3,000 DPG.


3 Marked tanks:

Object 140, Centurion AX, T-54, T-34-3, Is3, Is6, E25, Type64, Cromwell, T67


I'm a patient calm player with a high knowledge of what to do when, in specific tank types. I have a great situational awareness and I know game winning spots on every single map for every tank type. If youre interested in having a mentoring session with me itll be 12$ for 1 hour or 20$ for 2.


You can contact me on these forums, wot forums or by email.



Also, if youre interested in checking out my personality or how I play before you get a lesson you can check out some recordings of my stream or my youtube.




Reviews of my mentoring:




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With all due respect I think that you charge too much. As an example, Smylee started from below $10. You should increase demand by lowering the price of your services, and then slowly raise it after you've built more reputation. The result is a bigger pool of customers and better community rep.

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Will you teach me the ancient art of the Lemming Rush?

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On 12/15/2015 at 7:23 PM, Patient0 said:

With all due respect I think that you charge too much. As an example, Smylee started from below $10.

Dude, $10/hr isn't even minimum wage.

It's a very reasonable ask.

Tutoring in almost any profession is a minimum of $20/hr.

There are plenty of whales who want to get better and would be willing to pay for someone to teach them.

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Hi lemming rush, this might be interesting but I wanted to know if you would help me. I just got a 907 from campaign and i wanted help on how to be good in it. I was good in the chieftan and two marked it but the 907 is fucking me up, i need help understanding camo mechanics and what not.


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