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Sgt. Pepper

What bag should I buy?

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So, I've decided to buy some Fallout stuff, specifically one of two bags. I'm buying one of them for myself for college use next year, but I can't decide which one I want.

I'm torn between this one -> http://store.bethsoft.com/accessories/bags/general-issue-survival-messenger-bag.html ( the smaller bag, 960 sq inch)

and this one -> http://store.bethsoft.com/accessories/bags/vault-tec-messenger-bag.html (the larger bag, 1,121 sq inch)

The vault-tec messenger bag has more space which will be nice (cheaper too), but it appears to have less pockets and doesn't look as neat (or have that cool design on the inside). The survival messenger bag has more small pockets for specific things, but is smaller as a whole. Opinions?

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