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What did I do wrong? shot too much gold

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Methinks that the only reason your gun barrel didn't melt was because it was periodically cooled by pubbie tears.

Were there any OMG GOLD n00b?/Hackusations?

naah no one said a word about me doing anything good(Or bad) that match lol

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then have pubbies complain that they could do that to if they were shooting gold and the only reason he won and got that score was because of acpr.

Pubbie tears are best tears.

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Gold only gives you a higher chance for your shots to count,   everyone who denies this is just unwilling to use everything they can to get a better edge


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That is by far one of the largest ammo losses I've seen in this game. I can't remember the last time I spent more than ~120k on prem shells, but dam.

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