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[0.9.17] Horizontal Techtree #NoScroll

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I've kept updating this techtree mod from some fella on EU called Kodos, but I only included it my previous shitty modpack that I never update anymore due to lazyness.
It still uses the horizontal style, but you don't have to scroll anymore on the German and Russian trees, and the other nations are somewhat changed. (I actually don't remember really....)


Download: Horizontal_Techtree_#NoScroll-09171.rar




















Pretty good day for Pz II J. :^)

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I'm going to look into the position of the T1 vehicles, so that they line up with their respective flag.

Should be fixed now. Same link.

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Nice.  Always thought WG's expansion of the tech trees was stupid and ugly.

WG's vanilla HUDs and UI just lack so many commonsensical features. 

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I will make my own mod pack too. It will include only vanilla and it'll be incredibly popular.

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Pictures now shows proper positions for the T1 club.



I will make my own mod pack too. It will include only vanilla and it'll be incredibly popular.

So do nothing, get nothing?
Pretty much same reward as in general for you :^)

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Handy mod, indeed.  Almost looks like a copy and pasting, taken from JohnQuicksilver's creation at December 15th 2015.  Europeans copying and taking credit from a Russian mod creator?  One notable difference is, JohnQuicksilver's mod has multiple trees options with and without a larger selection of premiums vehicles. 

Ideally if you have a larger screen take the "larger selection":




If a smaller screen size, if needed, take the "cut" version.




JohnQuicksilver is one of a number of Russian mod creators of tech trees, over at Wargaming official Russian forum.   Byka_kg, GrishaVin, DrLivesey each have released similar versions of a horzontal tech tree. 

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Literally who? Modifying the tech tree is one of easiest way of modding in the game, since its ezzy pzzy XML.
And pls, that looks like a clusterfuck, especially with that hideous coloring. Only plus is the function that allows display of hidden tanks.


I started using Kodos' techtree over a year ago, and uploaded my first modified version of it around November last year, so please try to look shit up before throwing accusations.
Besides, the RU mod community is filled with hypocrites, which is why many original makers are encrypting their mod code so that they can't be decoded in normal python decoders.

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Yeah, I don't understand the significance, Valan. Other people have made compact horizontal tech trees before, yes, but that doesn't make all of them "copy pastes". The only way to edit the tech tree is to edit the nation-tree.xml files, so of course all of them are going to be using the same method.

Beyond that, there's nothing that jumps out to me - Orrie's tech tree is simply different. Not only in the looks, but also the position of the tanks... which is virtually all that is possible to edit. It's not rocket science we're talking about.

I do agree with Orrie here, if JohnQuickSilver's tech tree actually looks like that, I wouldn't touch it. Russian mod makers tend to have this weird fascination with mindbogglingly gross color schemes...

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Fixed the errors and realigned the rows for China and Czechoslovakia.

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