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2500/56 recent lfc

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Been clanless for a while and figured I might as well give this a go.

Looking for clan that does strongholds and will be participating in the campaign, not super fussed with CW but will do it if I have too.

 Tanks I have or can buy but am too lazy to grind credits:
Tier 10: IS-7 , Leo 1.

Tier 8: IS-3, Type 59, T69, Indien Panzer(idk if these really count but I'm gonna roll with it)

Tier 6: T37, Rudy, KV-85, D.Max :^), M6, A-43.

I am also currently grinding the T54e1 but my premium ran out so life is pretty terrible at the moment tbh.

Important things you should know:

5x made my wr drop yada yada yada excuses excuses :^). 2015-12-19_22-33-24.png

I live in New Zealand.

Cats > Dogs

I went outside once, it was pretty intense.

ok bye.

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One of our recruiters already posted here.  Now let one of the CO's of relic offer the same.  Come hang out with relic a day or two and see if it is a good fit.  Lots of stuff going on with stronks, 12 day of tanksmas tournie, and upcoming campaign.


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