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PSA: Never is away for a while

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I don't drink, that is why I need the raise :fish: 

I figured with personalities that frequent this forum that you would need something to relieve the headaches.

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bjshnog's gonna destroy the forum again.



And I can confirm this by being his siamese twin.

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TL;DR Never is going from being dead to being even deader for a few weeks.


Merry Christmas mate, happy holidays and have a good one

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You are going to have to share.

Actually, on second thought you can probably have it.  I just remembered he's 24, and if his tastes in alcohol are anything like most 24 year olds, it's probably not too good.  I know I drank rotgut at that age for the most part.

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Dear Leader,

Solono and his henchmen are taking over the forum in your abscence. Their chosen weapon: anime

This is Solono when you left:


(but with sunglasses)

This is Solono now:


Update: Money prevailed and the fire is out


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