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Looking again cause another clan died on me (that's four this year, yay). I have a so so wn8, but a shitter w/r cause I solo pub X's like a tard. I mostly like doing sh's (sometimes have to take breaks during the week due to real life). I have a lot of the meta tanks in tier 6, all the tier 8 lights, couple of meds (T-44, 416, T95E2, get jelly bro), IS-3A, T34, what have you. I have 19 tier X's

Waffle cancerwagon







All the tier X meds (the grind ones). Some of my tier X stats are super shit because of older CW play when I was a worse shitter then I am now. I hate pubs (fuck them) and will tell them so if they deserve it, so if you don't want a clan member talking shit to pubs I am not your guy. I tend to ramble in TS while playing, though I try to keep it to a minimum during actual organized play (unless it is tier 6 SH's, those are supposed to be fun right?). Would like to participate in the upcoming campaign for a tank, though if it gets too super cereal I can just backfill for the guys who are actually in the running for a full team. I like to win and get pissy on a losing streak. I'll tank dmg for a win though, none of this play for myself bullshit when doing CW/tourneys/SH's. I like to make rude jokes in TS and swear at arty players. I feel I am plateu'd right now, I would like to get into a clan with much better players then myself to help me be less of a shitter, though I realize my personality may prevent this (due to my yolo nature and being an ass).

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what clan died?

Latest one was N1nja. I joined, less then two weeks later they disbanded. I was with VPG for nearly a year before I moved on. Haven't been able to land a stable clan since. Nuggs lasted a couple of months, H3AT crumbled two weeks after I joined, RELSH died after two to three months (rip most_fun_clam_NA). Maybe I am a clan killer?


Come join Foxey?

You guys are full up.

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Relic 3rd might have a spot for you. We are far from dying, in fact we're at very healthy point right now. Head on over to http://Relicgaming.com, check out our recruitment section, post an app and hop on teamspeak while platooning with members from all of our divisions.

Made an application, I'll troll y'alls TS most of today.

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