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WoTLabs End of Year Award discussion

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Sup guys, thought this might be a little funny discussion, basically enter your categories and nominations for an end of year award thread

Best Racist:

  • Koel
  • Xen

Best American:

  • CarbonWard

Best Canadian:

  • Assad

Biggest Faggot:

  • Xensation
  • Xen
  • Gash's Bitch

Biggest Faggot (w/actual gay people):

  • Assad
  • Rexxie
  • Sgt_Fgt 

Best Poaster:

  • Garbad
  • Rexxie
  • Me (obvious winning choice)
  • X3N4 for his replays
  • Nurkus for photos 

Best Sponsored streamer:

  • See sponsored streamer list 

Scrooge McDuck award for most gold spam:

  • X3N4

Best Purple Poaster denier:

  • WaterWar

Biggest non-PP try-hard and 2x traitor (#NeverPP):

  • Weenis

Best Snownigger:

  • CandyVanMan
  • Nurkus

Best at Blinding Them With Science:

  • RichardNixon
  • CraBeatOff

Shittest Poaster:

  • Garbad 
  • TUSA
  • Hallo1994 

J. Robert Oppenheimer award for nuking the forum:

  • Bjshnog 

Best Mod:

  • WaterWar
  • CraBeatOff

WORST MOD EVER (you know why):

  • Rexxie

Best padder:

  • Luna
  • X3N4
  • Dia

Biggest Shitter:

  • BPX 

Most controversial (Gash thinks worst) decision of the year:

  • Banning Garbad 

Most Autistic WoTLabs Member:

  • 1stShitlord (sorry, had to :D)
  • Siimcy
  • Aaveq
  • Xen

Most Austistic Clan EU:

  • S3AL

Most Autistic Clan NA:


Best Clan EU:

  • FAME

Best Clan NA:


Best at exposing a German's English pronunciation flaws on Stream:

  • Gash

Most Entertaining (user):

  • Garbad
  • Mr. Rodgers

Most Entertaining (thread):

  • Tinder Challenge
  • Name and Shame #1

WoTLabs' US Presidential Candidate Nominee:

  • Donald Trump
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger 
  • Sheldon Cooper
  • Bashar al-Assad 
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Worst decision of the year:

  • Banning Garbad 

Worst decision of the year: Not having banned Garbad earlier.

This is going to end well...

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Most dramatic topic of the year:

Otter gold theft



It's hard to think of a shitty poster.

Going by your standards, I see what you mean. That said


Most dull/deadpan/humorless poster of 2015:


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nominating 'shittest poster' will be interesting since we got someone like M1sterRoger in the queue

being here since april myself I can't judge/nominate the overall decline in quality on wotlabs - ppl like me with 99,9%~100% shit posts have a fair share tho

..fuck it, I just start with:

Best/Funniest Denier: 

  • M1sterR0gers
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