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AMX cdc 100 new battle challenge

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Right now I have 537 battles.

I will do 100 new games in the AMX cdc these are my goals.

1. 1800 dmg

2. 53% win rate

3. grind enough credits for the obj 704 

4. Bring my Marks of excellence ratio from 63% to over 80%


I will upload some replays and keep everyone informed on my progress

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I can tell you that you'll earn more than enough credits for the 704 if you go easy on the gold spam and have a prem acc. I made over 6 mil in 80 games with a credit bonus on, I can't imagine getting 4-4,5 should be any trouble if you keep the set DPG and win a bit more :) 

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That tank will teach you two things. Chai sniping in the right positions will give you dank damage, and that tier 10s are bullies.

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The CDC will teach you how to be a fgt and snipe everything you can in early game, how crap is its ammorack and how balanced is arty when it hits you at full speed..

Pretty good tank, it's my most played premium and it's my main credit grinder since gud gun and cheap repair/resupply, plus 3+ skill crew makes it borderline OP..

With the new physics it's even more agile, it accelerates faster than my Triumph Bonneville :P


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