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N00BSAIB0T LFC: Wins: 58.49%/69.00% WN8: 2,225/2,600 Tier 10s: 25

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I was on break and looking for a good reason to come back. Campaign 4 seems like a good way to jump right in. I applied to a few top 10 clans but they are jam packed atm and may or may not get me in so as a back up I'm posting here.

Link to Stats on WoTLABS

I'll stay after Campaign 4 as I'm a long term player. I've only been with SU and BULLS/NWO over the last 4 years. Usually stay with a clan until it dies.

25 Tier 10 tanks, plenty that are relevant for clan activities.

Available PST between 5PM and 10PM for 4-5 days/week.

After the campaign, I'd be looking to do Clan Wars/Strongholds/Tournies etc. Anything but pubs.

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N00B, the clan I just joined will be participating in the campaign with no current plans to do strongholds or clan wars. If you're just wanting some guys to play with to earn a reward tank, then shoot a message to LostThatLovinFeeling and come on in.

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You want in on the campaign youd better drop tags here pretty quick. Youll already be missing the first couple days.


Anywho check out WW, if you have any questions hit me up.

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