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I'm just going to dump a bunch of random clips here that I've made over the past year. Some of these are quite old.  Hopefully you guys will find them interesting or instructive.  I doubt I'll do anything like recording whole replays, because I don't even know what I'm doing half the time and it makes me mad watching them.

The saddest benson -

Deleting a myoukou at 12km -

By far the luckiest shot I've ever had -

Shenanigans -

4x cit on Iowa from 16.5km in NCar -

Ranked Season 1 Action -

The saddest fubuki:

Deleting two Mogamis in the same game:

Mogami murdering DDs:

Desync luck shot on NO -

Two shots, two deletions in NY -

Gremy AP vs low tier cruisers -

Tightest spread I've ever had -

Charging a kitakami is a very good idea -

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