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Minimum Accuracy, Maximum Accuracy, Aim Time

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A reddit post recently showcased that maximum accuracy (dispersion at its worst) seems to actually affect aim time in a pretty remarkable fashion. The video linked in the thread shows the following:

  • Smooth Ride and Enhanced Shell Materials do basically nothing even though they "work"
  • Augmented Breech Lock and Chrome Barrel Lining affect both minimum and maximum accuracy, which results in better overall aim time as well
  • Shoot From The Hip provides a (seemingly) bigger boost to aim time than Quick Draw does
  • Gyroscopic Stabilizer and Magnetic Actuator pale in comparison to the aforementioned ABL and CBL

In other words, this flips the retrofit metagame on its head.
ABL and CBL both basically provide the bonuses of all accuracy, dispersion, and aim time retrofits at once while also increasing reload speed or damage respectively.
This could use further testing though. I'm not sure if ABL/CBL change effective aim time in all situations compared to GS/MA since the video only shows after-shot dispersion.

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Oh.  Sorry.  I thought this was common knowledge at this point.  I should have posted about it.  My apologies.

Most if not all of the decent players I know are using ABL and CBL where applicable.  Not only do they provide faster aim time but in a lot of situation you have to aim less before taking a shot.  For example, shooting at a TD or Bradley, if you're not aiming at a small weak spot you can pull off far more consistent snapshots the the accuracy retrofits.

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All this theory crafting about shaving 1/100th's off aim times and reloads, while 99.975% of players still don't know you can over match anything that looks like a vent. And people still shoot the turrets of Terminators.

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