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Maintaining 3 MoE - ELC

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Okay so two months ago I started working towards attaining three marks on my ELC as I was hovering around 86%. About three weeks ago I attained my third mark, but since then it's dropped back down and now hovers around 91%. So now I'm wondering how do you guys play the ELC to maintain the third mark? I know I generally do pretty well in the tank, but I just want to keep the mark up and improve the winrate, which is 50% and I've been struggling to bring up.

The skills I've got on my ELC are Sisterhood of Steel, 6th sense, 92% camo on the commander, with sisterhood of steel, camo and 92% off-road driving on the driver. For the next skills I'm guessing repairs on both crew members? I already have camo on the tank, so can't really throw more on.

The equipment I run is coated optics, vents, and enhanced torsion bars. My consumables are a small repair kit, small first aid kit and a manual fire extinguisher. I don't really like using premium consumables and I started off with the 3rd MoE with proving a point to a friend, so I only run standard ammo too, 35 rounds of AP.


Here's a list of replays so you can see how I tend to play it, some of the replays will need older versions of WoT to be watched, but the first two on the list will be 9.13.






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It's just something I'd like to be able to keep up, as well as pulling the win rate above 50% and keeping it there. Even with the average WN8 of my ELC being around 3k over the last 83 battles, the win rate was still around 50%, something I can't seem to improve on.

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I tend to do this as well to keep tryharding. I'm maintaining CDC MoE despite no gold/no coffee/literally put in a 1 skill crew


However the ELC is the most common 3MoE in the game so I'd be careful waving it around as a sign of skill when there's about double the amount of ELC 3MoE's than any other tank in the game on the EU server at least :P 

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use binos instead of torsion bars, take some gold for t8, use AFE, apart from that you just need to get better really, it's all about the insane camo and size. ELC is probably the easiest tank to triple mark. 

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Maybe the win rate is bad because you are focusing on damage for those marks. A scout tank that snipes isn't creating anything for the team, you are just leeching damage from teammates. It's good for your wn8, but bad for your win rate.

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This is interesting. I do the opposite: I equip the elc for vision and camo and look to scout first in pubs. I only fire the gun when there are no good scouting opportunities. I generally use the same strategy in other light tanks.

My wn8 in the elc is only 888, but my win rate is 58% and I have 1 MOE. Although I haven't played a large number of games in the elc -- only 114 -- my stats in other light tanks are similar, with win rates much better than the Wn8. And no, I don't platoon all that much, so I don't think the win rates are too padded. I wonder what others think. (Ignore me if I am hijacking the thread.)

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I was at 85% with the ELC for a long time, over 600 games. Then I removed the rammer and replaced it with coated optics. My setup is GLD, optics, binocs. With no change in playstyle, still averaging 1000 damage per game, I went up to 95% in about 25 battles. 

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Like Yung said, almost anybody can get 3 marks on the ELC. Even getting it to 99% is ridiculously easy. On the other hand, I understand that it probably is your first vehicle with 3 marks and that is of course an achievment to feel proud about.

As for practical advice:

1. Your loadout is crap:

  • Gun rammer is a must because the reload sucks
  • For the rest there are multiple options:
  • I would take binos over optics. The problem is that the ELC is limited to 360m viewrange whereas other tier V scouts have 380-390 base-viewrange. Optics are simply not enough to fix this; binocs on the other hand will get you max-viewrange in combination with a good crew.
  • Obviously this affects the playstyle: if you mount binocs your ELC will become weak at active scouting but very potent at passive scouting.
  • For your third slot there are again several options: vents is fine but I prefer a gun laying drive. Ideally you would want a VertStab but the ELC cannot mount one. Since the gun handling is truly atrocious on the ELC I would go with the GLD over the vents. A third possible choice would be a camonet but your camo is already so good that it feels like overkill.
  • Again this choice influences the playstyle towards more static ways. But frankly, shooting on the move is retarded in an ELC anyway ... unless you are at point-blank-range.

2. Play to the strengths of the ELC:

  • In my opinion, this tank has a unique role in WoT since it is a scout-TD hybrid and likely the stealthiest assassin out there (tx to insane camo values and the light tank camo-bonus).
  • This tank can abuse bushes so close to the enemy that most other tanks in the game couldn't even sneak into them without getting spotted. Even better the ELC can shoot out of bushes without retribution that are simply unusable in a TD.
  • On the other hand, you need to avoid close range engagements with fast enemy tanks like the plague. If you need to kill enemy scouts or meds do it at mid to long range. Go close to something that can keep up with your speed and you die.
  • On the other hand, closing in is completely viable if the enemy tank is slow enough that you can outcircle him so thoroughly that you can spare the time to turn your gun to him and shoot him whenever you are reloaded.
  • Jousting may seem fun but it is retarded. If two ELC face of, the ELC tends to win that stops and takes the time to aim. If you are forced to move (because there are additional enemy tanks aiming at you) then hold your shot as long as you dare. ELC jousting is a game of chicken.
  • In fact, this is a general rule with the ELC: always aim as long as you can possibly afford.

3. If you want to be a real bastard - splurge on consumables and ammo

  • Consumables: food + double repair kit. Fire extinguisher is a waste on a tank with as little hp as the ELC. And I would risk the crew members but of course taking a health kit instead of a second repair pack is viable as well.
  • Ammo: the APCR on the ELC is damn good and a relict from the times when this tank saw tier IX. Frankly there isn't any tank in its tier spread that an ELC cannot pen frontally with its APCR.
  • But imho food and APCR spam are not needed. AP can deal with most enemies and good players use APCR only selectively. Food provides some extra comfort but the price is rather steep.
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I'd actually recommend taking Rammer/Optics/Binocs if you play it like a mobile TD rather than a scout. No aimtime in the entire game is too bad if you're sniping which is the only real way to do damage in the ELC while this maximises your spotting and will push the MoE further. You'll stay at max spotting values for the ELC no matter the situation instead of picking either and have a 0,3s better aimtime. If you do play more skaut rather than bush then it might be wise having the GLD since your shot opportunities might not be as good. GLD won't work on the move at all so thinking it'd be better while active scouting is a mistake. 


Slap food on, BiA and gun handling crewskills and it's as good as an ELC will likely ever get. Alternate combo is Vents instead of binocs and adding viewskills to that as well (will take longer and assumes your crew is female/10) which'll push VR your to just a little short of max VR on the move. That's probably the absolutely ultimate setup but it'd mean you'll have to do at least 4 skills including camo or 5 if you have repair and I'm afraid that good of a crew is a waste on such tanks as tier 5's.

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Optics AND  Binocs? Nah man.  I've got 403m view range base with BiA vents food and situational awareness at 70%... binocs pushes it out to 504m since you need to stop to shoot anyway.  

Crew up to about 70% on 4th now.




Double repair may seem plausible but for the amount of times it's needed is about the same as how often you'll need a medpack.

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Am I wrong to use Vents instead of a Rammer (besides binocs/GLD)?
Reasoning is, I feel like spending much more time waiting on the aim than on the reload. Also vents allow me to switch binocs for optics when I get sit. awareness (+SiS and Coffee).

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