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How To Play The Aufk.panther?

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So, I just picked up this bad boy during the 30% discount currently on SEA, and I have everything unlocked except the engines. So first thing I noticed in the battle I played with it, was it's terrible manoeuvrability due to stock engine, it's good gun depression and good armour (won't just get overmatched). Now, I am great in the Type 62 (~60% solo pub so far), for me atleast, so does it play anything like the Type 62? Obviously it has terrible camo, but it can also ram. Should I just play it as a fast medium? I currently have vert stabs, rammer, optics, with camo on all crew, as well as 6th sense, and controlled impact (~25% 2nd skill). Any advice would be appreciated, sorry if this post is worded terribly. Thanks in advance!  =D

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I put a guide up for it also. Hope it helps. it's in the gameplay mechanics section.


Edit: It was moved to the German vehicles section.

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Ok, will check it out, thanks as well, it's really appreciated. I unlocked the 2nd engine and I'm doing a lot better now, but it's still frustratingly immobile.

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