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Tiger 2 carry, where could I have done better?

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8 minutes ago, 1n_Soviet_Russia said:

Drive an IS3

Too stuck driving the KV 1S right now for that, plus I don't have any dosh right now to buy tanks with.

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Nice game not too many thoughts.


Your initial position was good you were aggressive against the IS (who could not pen you for some reason).  After you finished off the IS3 you shot at the super P and instead of shooting for the engine you shot the track.  It was a miss and there was 300 more damage.  after the IS3A was gone I would have shifted to the south.  All that was left in the field was the Rudy and not much of a threat.  Also by going down the hill you lost time getting back to help the other heavy. 

Word of advice you will never catch a CDC in a city map and by chasing him you were out of position to get the other tanks coming in.  In the long run it did not cost you the match but may have cost you some damage. 

Also the T28 was going to own you if the other heavy had not shown up.  Take an extra second and aim and it would have been different.

All in all a good game.  Good aggression and angling.  You were lucky that IS did not shoot your turret or you would have taken more damage.

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