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This is the most ridiculous commentary / analysis / mechanics breakdown / glitch exploitation / parallel universe gameplay and commentary that I've ever seen in my whole entire life.

I'm really at a loss for words on how insane this guy is in his dedication to Super Mario 64. This is some psychic-type stuff. There is absolutely no way anyone could have predicted that this would come out of a revolutionary (for its time) 3D platforming game.

The video is 25 minutes, but I swear it's worth the watch, just to observe this unbelievable dude discuss some unbelievable shit in a 20-year old Nintendo 64 game.

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15 minutes ago, FestiveMedic said:

holy shit.....

The most hardcore thing I've done is a "Hard Mode" run of Earthbound, which requires editing the game's code to get to trip without tripping off the other anti-piracy measures.

It is explained well here, the idea is to trip Layer #3 via Game Genie or an emulator and spawn all the enemies in the world throughout the entire game. It can triple your play time, lets just say that,

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Wow, this is just completely insane. Checked his youtube, ofcourse he's dutch. He's also offering 1k$ for the first person to reproduce some bug. Not sure if i find this shit extremely impressive or disturbing :P

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