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#eatdixgetclicked - sela's Q&A Thread

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Well the only thing I heard was that he left. Probably will just watch the stream repay to find out the particulars.

Could have asked him myself if he didn't go live after midnight, again Kappa

-G- recruitment is retarded because they have literally died, thats why. http://wotcs.com/clan.php?wid=1000002392

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I upvoted Trobs literally the EXACT same time as HELIONIST downvoted him. I was curious as to why the number still showed zero at first.


Not sure why I was downvoted, I wasn't lying.

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Can you start a three mark grind on the 30.01?


Pay me ;)


Are there ANY games that make use of multiple cores?


Yes, tanks itself uses two IIRC but you aren't dealing with single core vs dual core, you're dealing with 4 vs 6 or 8. Even streaming doesn't really see the benefit of 6+.


What's the lowest tier vehicle you actually like anymore?


Pz 1c of course. Otherwise T7 like M56, E25, etc.

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