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Aircraft Appreciation Thread

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My work desktop wallpaper.

My job is to ensure no export that contributes to the Russian military happens (among other things). The irony.

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18 minutes ago, Solono said:


You wanna see a video of an F-104 do a touch roll touch. Pretty much suicidal in that thing. 


You do.





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What is the Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment (AETE)?

The ability to rigorously test equipment and aircraft in all extremes is essential to ensuring the safety of Canada’s men and women in uniform when acquiring new aerospace materiel. AETE conducts these important engineering flight testing and evaluations by employing test pilots, flight test engineers, systems engineers, specialist engineers and technologists, using a full spectrum of flight test capabilities and resources including specialized ground support facilities and instrumented aircraft.


Worked more than a few "interesting" projects over my time there... 



48 minutes ago, Solono said:


I think this one has better livery...


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Snort Snodgrass is a legend in Naval Aviation.


1 hour ago, Spartan96 said:



What a shame they kept this one out ;-;

I saw it fly as a kid out at Edwards. What an amazing aircraft.

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