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Aircraft Appreciation Thread

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3 hours ago, X1thebeast29X said:

You wanna see a video of an F-104 do a touch roll touch. Pretty much suicidal in that thing. 


You do.


That was magic, thanks for sharing! 

I'm old and from Canada, so I even have an F104 story.  My brother and I once watched a two-ship go overhead at about 60 feet as they split around our hamlet's grain elevator.  The elevator being 90 ft tall, more or less.  The wing tanks were about 80 feet apart.  Engines smoking black the whole time.  

One other time a pair went by at about 500 feet, pulled up into a climbing scissor, leveled off and disappeared.  Even one scissor uses up a crazy amount of space. 

They got rules against that sort of stuff now...

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I took this photo at the Strategic Air & Space Museum outside of Omaha, Nebraska a few years back. This is taken from the bomb bay hatch of their B-29 while looking forward towards the cockpit. I literally had to stand on my the tips of my toes while reaching up as high as I possibly could to get this shot. Because I had the camera so far above my head I had only a very vague notion of what it would be pointed at when I snapped the picture. Most of the photo's I took that day are pretty "meh" (I am bad @ camera), but I simply love this one. I know the resolution isn't that great since the camera I had at the time was complete garbage, but I still love this photo.



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5 hours ago, Gashtag said:

Would you like some plane with your afterburner?


edit: the foxbat's engines are ridiculous

like whats a foxbat? are foxs and bats working together to make jets or something?


on topic. its a bit fat but i thinks that due to it being the 2 seater version.(su-25)


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10 minutes ago, Shackram said:


Technically a ground effect vehicle or ekranoplan, but I'll let it slide because the Caspian Sea Monster is sweet 

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