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LFC Recent 2200 60% - Strongholds - FOUND A CLAN

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I'm looking for a clan that does a lot of strongholds; has a high WR in strongholds with structures at levels above 5; and has an average skill level at or above me. 

I don't like Clan Wars but would be willing to help out in special events and campaigns.  I'm available at least 2 nights a week, some weeks 4-6 nights (shift work).

Send me a PM or detachment invite in-game.   FOUND A HOME: M--M

Stronghold/Team Battle tanks in my garage:
Tier 6: T37, Type 64, Cromwell(s), KV-85, T-150, + others

Tier 8: IS-3, 110, T32, AMX 50/100, T54LT, Obj 416, RU251, 13/90, + others.  

Tier 10: Obj 140, T62a, IS7, T110e5, E100, BatChat25t, Obj 261, *M53/55, +others (15 total)






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Hey buddy~ We're looking for more people like you in the Consortium.

We're on the fence about CW now, but we do run stronks nearly every night. We try to do 8's, and if we don't have enough interest (we don't have mandatory stronghold requirements, only encouraged), we fall back to 6's. If we can't do 8's, 99% we do 6's because there are always people wanting to run for credits.

We're fairly successful in 6's, so 1 hour of dedicated tier 6 stronks = boat load of credits.


Skill levels vary in [M--M], we recently increased our minimums to 1600 wn8 /54% win ratio. There are many people around the 1800 - 2k range, and then... unfortunately, lots of recent blurples get "scouted" into top 10 clans.


Come check us out if you're interested in stronks & platoons, bc thats pretty much what we do everyday, all day.



Stop by our TS and get to know us!

TS3: m--m.enjinvoice.com



The Consortium website:


Recruitment application: 


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I'd rep ya AWFUL, but I ran out of reps =(

If I remember, I'll rep.


BTW Dread has finished his transformation into a minion. Here is his yearbook photo:


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