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NA Replays - Demigodish I guess - 4kDPG/75%+

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Title says it all, I play gold league, pubs, and there isnt much else to know. Recently active in pubs again, im pretty much always two man platooned with Fixer (I_HATE_MYSELF) and complaining about him stealing damage in his bat.

Stats and epeen stuff if anyone cares.





mfw the winrates aren't shit :awyeah:

Pretty much #2 recent E5 and #2 recent 62 chasing your_master (If he try harded he could smash me so rip my dreams :feelsbad:)

If there is any sort of interest ill keep uploading stuff, or stream, kind of whatever people want (If they want anything that is)



Also these are gonna be just normal replays, I know I throw some games, probably throw some games for damage or some autistic shit, and do whatever else.

like 15~ games https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9xbu59btxaq5r//Replays%201-27-2016

The E5 games are probably pretty trash, im really not liking the tank after a fucking incredible first 25 games. Ammo rack boys.

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4 hours ago, _Dia said:

Wow look at this guy 

flex the epeen

4 hours ago, snoopy10 said:

nice job dying against HARM you nerd

I try

10 hours ago, CarryMode said:

You should stream, i'd watch.

Not once you realized I sound like im 4. (I`ll see if it works with my internet)

18 hours ago, haglar said:

How do I open an replay?

Dont be teal

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Played 2 games at like 0 damage, proceeded to at least fix the DPG with these games. Fucking threw the E5 game hard though. Retarded to push 2 batchats around a donut. 62A game is the best by miles IMO, I destroy a hill push and play it pretty much perfectly.


1 more game from the sheriff, gonna switch 62->140 now to try and raise the dpg to 3800+, and get the M48 given its got such a strong 9 and now is good in pubs at least.

7k 140 game on sheriff, so im getting focused the whole time. That opening spot is courtesy of KT, its super OP. Sadly I didnt record the m46 games I played since settings reset.


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4.5k dpg 75% w/ two autists.

Somehow the bat arty carried that, i cant tell you how.


So STB is up to 4.1k 75 and the 140 has gone up two percent MOE in three games bretty gud cyka blyat))))

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Ill be streaming from now on, at weird times with no schedule: twitch.tv/magentapanda


Also looks like I will be competing with SlothEB for top recent STB (4.2k Dpg ish) even if he isnt aware of that competition :P . So thats gonna be neat.

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Streaming is distracting, I dunno if I like it. And I probably have 0 viewers so I might like die at 50 if I get 0 daamge lol

[11 games 10 won, 4.1k DPG] Having a bad time in the 140, and a good time in the STB (Im over Sloth as of right now I believe at 4208 / 77%) <- Its also all platooned obvs based off the replays. 140 idk, it really should get better, the difference to the 62 is minimal, but ill keep going for a while till it clicks or I have a good session or something. Also rip credits, STB-1 is holocausting them, I might need to grind some to get the m46.


if you gib credits I will love you shameless ebeg :feelsbad:


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On 2/9/2016 at 2:58 PM, Assad said:

How do I hulldown off a 258 HP FV215b in a full health T62A?

idk man I dont even wanna know what ran through my head 2k games ago.


Anyway, 17 907 games [100% - 4300 DPG] and 4 m46 games, first game was 0 damage loss, these 4 have recovered it to 80% 3300 so probably around 4k dpg for these games.


Highlight being a radley walters 1v4 7k damage game on windstorm I think, dunno where it is though.

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