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NA - Apparently, I am a solo player, need some toonmates

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Hello fellow peeps,

So, a few months back, I left wot (for about 3 months), especially due to rage induced by the throws that my pubbies were doing.

I came back for the campaign (rip any ounce of sanity in me), and started to feel that hate again after about 2 weeks.

Then, someone I know pointed out, using this magnificent site; http://jaj22.org.uk/wotstats.html , that I passed most of my time solo-pubbing (almost 70% of the time apparently), which might be a reason why I often found myself pestering at games that should have been won.


So, it is quite simple: I need other non-brain deficient people to platoon with me to increase my addiction (or ignore me so I finally quit, because the only way to win at wot is not to play).

Pls halp me, I can't stand watching pubbies giving away wins.



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Cool site. Seems I also MUST platoon more. Please add me.

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17 minutes ago, Assad said:

Clan invites? Or do you have 90% of the people in PBKAC already on your blacklist like me?

Are you gonna force me to answer this during a campaign? :eww:

I said I needed non-brain deficient people, and most of pbkac do not fit as "non-brain deficient" nor "people".

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