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Stromie Pastrami wants some friends to platoon with

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Pleb wester here looking for some people to toon with and hopefully catch some of that unicorn dust.

Got t8 prems and preferentials. Saving for my E-75 again and have an t110e5  for tier x  that's about it. 

Send me invites if you don't think i'm too bad.

Learning by doing.

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Would this be a bad place to ask what server population numbers are around peak times?  Haven't logged in for about a year, curious to see how the game is aging since they butchered CW

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Vbaddict tracks it over 24 hours:


It's peaks around 22k @ 6PM pacific/9 PM eastern and drops to about 12k by 9 PM pacific/Midnight eastern.  NA West peaks at 7k.

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I do still play on west, so if I'm on and not busy then I'll platoon. Fair warning though, I may already be in a platoon, may be afk, or just not wanting to platoon for very long. 

I'm also working the next 7 days straight starting tomorrow, so I may not even be on when you are.

Still, try me out, it's worth a shot.

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