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LFC, I ususally dont suck, 7 tier x

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Hi guys! I am xAzDKr, but you can call me Jon. I am 17 years old and a senior in high school.


I am usually good for 3 nights a week of clan wars (sometimes more, but 3 guaranteed)


I am trying to get back into WoT but I am pacing myself as I have been playing this game for 4+ years, I don't plan to play too much and burn myself out but I am very interested in getting back into competitive WoT with a solid group of players.


I have been around in a few teamspeaks and trying to really test the waters before I land on a clan too quickly, as I have done that in the past and it hasn't ended well. 


My tier X are as follows: (in order of favoriteness)

  • T-62A - (favorite) 3 skill crew  (60% to 4th skill)
  • E-50M - 3 skill crew (51% to 4th skill)
  • T57 Heavy - 3 skill crew (73% to 4th skill)
  • IS-7 - 3 skill crew (63 % to 4th skill except for 2nd loader who is 97% to 3rd skill)
  • T92 - 2 skill crew (63% to 3rd skill)
  • E-100 - 2 skill crew (98% to 3rd skill)
  • Object 140 - not ready for clan wars, 1 skill crew


I currently don't own any tier 9s, but I have a few useful ones researched and I can buy back if needed.


Tier 8s: (I have a good # researched but not owned, I also have a few prem 8s)

  • FV207
  • T32
  • Close to researching the Pershing
  • IS-3 Researched but not owned

Lines I am considering grinding:

  • American meds --> M48 Patton
  • Trying to finish Brit Sky Cancer
  • Obj. 263 (on the tier 7)
  • Cent AX (on the tier 7)
  • American Heavies (on the tier 8)

I have plenty of Clan Wars experience and I have played a few tourneys non-competitively with friends. 


Here is my wotlabs link: http://wotlabs.net/na/player/xAzDKr

I would like to join your teamspeak and platoon around to see what the atmosphere is like. 


Private messages are the preferred method of contact. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/user/xazdkr-1001661745/
Copypasted from WoT forums, I am continuing my search here.

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