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AW Efficiency Calculator

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So this site has created a calculator for AW efficiency. I put my numbers in and it spat out a result. Would a few of you be willing to do the same to get some kind of baseline? From my sample size of one it looks pretty solid, and what it takes in to account is pretty straight forward. Post a snip of what you input and your result here:



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1 hour ago, Shade421 said:

Ah welp, RIP. Immediately proven worthless. Win rate is nowhere and avg tier of 2.8 = 7.0. GG.

No, I am clearly as good as you :kjugh:

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I suspect the main reason why winrate was ignored is that the highest one in hype is around 56 or so. This clearly proves that winrate is all luck and cannot be meaningfully effected by a player because they are, after all, the best clan eu... maybe even the world. I found the thread entertaining though. Mine is probably around low 600s but at least I'm lucky.

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