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Need help in tier 10s. 1900 recent wn8 and dropping

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Hey, guys. I flat out stink in tier 10s and would like to see if I could get someone to help me out, platoon up in game and show me what I'm doing wrong. My current 10s are IS-7, Object 140, and the BatChat, all of which have 40% or lower win rates and 1600-ish wn8s. I don't play the IS-7 much, as I prefer the mediums.


I feel I do well in tier 6-7, but after that I'm just shit. I know I'm going up against better players at that level and they really punish my mistakes. I'd like to learn how to not make those mistakes. I typically pick an area of the map to go to from the start of a match and it's normally the "mediums-go-here" spot. I try to watch my map and react to whatever is happening (I'll bail if a flank is collapsing on me, or relocate to support a failing flank). I'm pretty bad at looking at the enemy tank composition and making decisions based on that at the beginning of a battle. I know the obvious spots for tanks types to go on maps and I know if the enemy has a bunch of extra heavies that they'll need help, but that's the extent of reading tank comp.


Here are some replays to give you an idea of what you're working with:

BatChat 1, BatChat 2, BatChat 3, BatChat 4, BatChat 5, BatChat 6

Obj140 1, Obj140 2, Obj140 3, Obj140 4, Obj140 5


Those are the 1st 5/6 games I played in those tanks over a day or two.


Wotlabs profile can be found here: Wotlabs. In-game name is the same as here if you need to look me up on another stat site.


I play mostly on NA East and am on from 4-6p Pacific on most days. On Su/Mo nights, sometimes I play around 11p and later.


I really appreciate any help you guys can offer. Thanks in advance!

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Screw you, drunk reddit is life.

Hit me up and we can toon 10s together pirate, I make no promises as to actually being good, but what's improved my skills at winning is playing with other good players (mostly otter). At a glance at your stats it looks like you're doing decent damage, just not winning. You've only got ~150 battles at tier 10 so I'm guessing it's just getting used to the different meta and tactics. I'll try to watch your replays tomorrow and give some tips.

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