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D-DAY is recruiting

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D-Day is recruiting players who want to compete, but aren't looking for a second job. We've got a great group of players and are a fun and active place to play. We participate in the campaigns, occasionally do stretches on the global map, do weekly skirmishes and daily strongholds. Best of all, you can do these things when you want to and not when you don't. We don't have roll calls, required number of matches or require our players to participate in any particular type of battle.

If this sounds like a clan you may like to join hop onto our TS server at stainless.ts.nfoservers.com. Even if you're not interested in joining and are just looking for a place to hang out and maybe run some platoons, we've got an open server with public rooms you'd be welcome to come into. Our guys would love to meet you and run some matches.

I do have one important question though; Where's the beach?

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I've been wanting to get into more organized play for a while now but have been concerned about having the time.  Do you have any requirements?  (i.e. would a noob like me be welcome?)

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