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TL, DR - if you recognize me, I probably owe you a thank you- so thank you!


So I just realized I've officially hit over 10,000 games in WoT.  Besides saying something about my free time, I am taking this time to reflect on where I was a year ago.  Most significantly, I left the training clan M-I-T and joined M--M.  Since I'm an active "can-do" kind of guy, I ended up being promoted, and promoted, and promoted, and then asked to lead the clan.  That's been a lot of fun, but a lot of work too.  Anyone who's in a clan should take a moment and say a BIG thank you to your officers.  If you're not sweating your butt off to keep the clan going, someone is.  Thank them.  But it's also rewarding too, especially as WarGaming themselves have recently taken notice of our clan.  Not to mention the respect M--M has earned, and continues to earn, with different clans.  Not to mention the great guys who I get to game with and the fun challenge of improving not just myself, but an entire clan.


But, as I just said, I've never lost focus that I want to keep improving my individual game.  I had a long list of things above, but a few things really stand out as to why my game is better than it was a year ago.


1- The mini-map.  It's ALMOST as important as the main HUD display.  Yes, it really, really is that important.  Given that I'm also the main caller for my clan (something else you should thank people for!) it's really driven home how important studying tank compositions and distributions are for a game.  They take away the guess work for a lot of moves that you're going to do.  I still occasionally die when I make a move and get nuked by an invisible tank, but that happens a lot less.  More importantly, I get to see advantages.


2- Because I analyzed Zeven's and Garbad's (RIP) games and stats over a reasonable period.  What makes a good player good?  Is it avoiding those 0 damage losses or getting those 10K carries?  I looked at their stats after dropping their worst games, and then after dropping their best games.  It was no contest.  The best games mattered FAR more.  So be aggressive and be ready to carry, even if it means you will occasionally flame out.  Of course, the great players don't flame out that often, but their worst games are as bad, statistically, as a red's.  The difference is they have a LOT more purple games.


3- This game really does require a lot of thought and practice.  It's funny, when I platoon with some BULBA friends they comment that I'm slow and timid in my decision making.  When I platoon with some green guys from our training clan, they comment that I'm fast and aggressive in my decision making.  The brain can only consciously process so much at a time, which is why I usually play worse when I'm platooning with some purples and trying to learn from them.  But the advantage is that you eventually turn that conscious, effortful thinking into less conscious, less effortful (i.e., more automatic) thinking.  You also get to recognize complex data as simple patterns.  Think of an advanced chess player who can look at all the pieces and call it a Kolmorogov attack, stage 3 instead of 32 individual pieces.  Good players can do similar things with the minimap.  I review my own games, I review streams, I listen to other players' advice.  This game takes effort to get good in, but that effort can definitely pay off.


4- Again, partly from my experience as a caller, I've learned to view HP as a resource to save and to spend.  There are times when it makes sense to save every penny and other times when it makes sense to splurge.  At its heart, the tactical part of this game is all about managing the balance between staying alive and doing damage.  The very best players do both extremely well, and they do it in a way that helps win games.  I can now recognize (and often call out) blurple players who are farmers or stat padders.  Sure, they are good, but they play to pad more than to win (they'll pad wins in a platoon later on).  I'm cognizant of stats, but playing to win trumps playing for stats.


5- Arty still sucks.   And that thread with the data on how player skill level correlates inversely with their love of arty is very true.  I'm pleased to say that out of my 10,000 battles, less than 0.1% are in arty.  Despite playing them a lot at the start of the game, I don't play TDs very much.  I love light tanks, but their impact can be limited.  Mediums and good heavies are great fun.  I feel that I now have a solid grasp on Tiers 1-9 (although below T6 games are too random for me to enjoy much) and I'm starting to get a reasonable handle on playing and winning at T10.


So where to go from here?  I don't know.  I'm honestly pretty happy to just be here.  I've achieved the top 1% in my recent stats.  I've learned how to call (did I mention that I called a 90% WR against a clan that boasted it was one of the best in T8 CW).  I've learned team games (Fastboiz are fun, T8 Stronks are interesting, T10 Stronks are really interesting, and CW is more of a test of your officer corps than I like).  I've learned how to be an officer.  And I've learned about and from a LOT of very fun, very cool, and/or very good players.  If you play with me regularly, thanks!  I still have to give a big shout out to Zeven (he's the mystical Obi Wan to my Like) and a very big shout out to the surprisingly cool and helpful guys over at Wotlabs.  Sure, it's a more intense environment, but you can't find a better group of players to learn from anywhere.  Where will I go from here?  New challenges.  Better my own play, keep improving my clan, keep challenging new team play.  But most of all, GL HF and thanks to all of the good people I've run across in the last 10K games!

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Great summarization on your journey to 10k. Congrats! This is especially helpful for me inching closer and closer to 10k myself. See you at 20k!

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On 2/12/2016 at 8:30 AM, The_direwolf said:

I recently hit 10k myself, took me 4 years >____>



Nice going OP!

Yeah, took me a long time to battle through 10k games on this piece of shit too :P


Grats OP!

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