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Thinking of going peasant mode, looking for tips.

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Trigger warning - console thread.

After 4 years or so of on and off playing on PC I am thinking of kicking back on the couch and giving the console (PS4) version a crack. Only played a few games and haven't picked a line or anything so thought I would ask a few questions here.

Reverse sucks with standard control setup, I try to back into cover and end up side on to the enemy without moving back far at all, any tips for making this easier? Does playing with DS4 get anywhere near as good as M/KB?

Anyone with experience in both versions have any advice they can offer regarding meta differences etc? Wondering if I should be hanging back behind pubbies farming damage or contesting the same parts of the map that I would on PC, or just derp around not giving a shit like 90% of the player base does anyway.

Which lines are good, same as PC or does different meta encourage different lines? I was thinking one of the old standby PC pubstomping lines, IS-7, E-100, E5, E50/M, Russian hovermeds etc.

Any other advice that console peasants warriors could offer?

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I've been playing a bit on PS4. I think the game looks fantastic and has some really good features that I wish were on the PC version, but the controller is a really severe limitation. Like you said, a simple action like poking and retreating is just so infuriatingly difficult with a controller. I'd rather they just let us use the D-pad- it's closer to wasd than the stupid joysticks. If I can set up a mouse and keyboard to this junk, I will. The mini-map is also garbage- you can see about 3 and a half squares all around. 

As for the meta- it seems like a complete free-for-all. There's no telling what part of the map people are going to be drawn to during the opening part of the game. With that in mind, I think flexibility is probably a must. You've got to be able to quickly move your tank to areas of the map that you didn't think would see much action. You probably can't go wrong with a russian med as your 1st 10. 

Add steveownzzz if you want, I'm looking for people to run with. 

Edit: apparently you can make the minimap full size. Yay.

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The reversing thing is just a matter of making sure that when you press backwards on the stick you're pressing straight backwards not a bit to one side.  


The game could do with a slightly bigger deadzone around the straight forwards and backwards positions so you don't turn as often, but you can get down to being able to poke properly with practice.



Use auto aim to get your turret on things whilst you concentrate on positioning.  Autoaim has a neat feature on the console that it automatically disengages when you enter sniper view, so you can snap onto something with it, concentrate on positioning, then enter sniper view and adjust onto a weak spot.


Map meta is odd because the maps are frequently old versions, but I've been going to the places I remember and it seems to be doing OK for me.


You can get a free animu tank with trivial ease by going for the Pz4.H, it doesn't have premium credit return but it's free and captain easy to get.


Also, you can easily make youtube boasting videos, like so:



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 the meta=test server:unicum:
If it wasnt for arty being so stupidly easy to play on console, I would say pick some very well armored tanks because aiming is fucking impossible on console hitting things, let alone hitting a tanks weakpoint is hard (e5/Is7 seem like they would be amusing)

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1 hour ago, GloatingSwine said:


Just having the cloud shadows and the big hills surrounding the map makes it look so much better, hot damn. How bad are some of these Russkie toasters that a console - cheaper than my graphics card/CPU - running some extra shadows looks so good.

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Originally, I thought that the console peasant controls would make mediums weak compared to heavies, but I just picked up the Type 59 and that may not be the case after all. Still, I'll probably avoid the tanks that rely on gunhandling for their strength, like the Pattons. When you're aiming with a joystick, you really can't snapshot a front axle no matter what the gun is actually capable of.

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Yeah, I got used to the driving after a bit.


You can use the auto lock thing to aim for tracks whilst circling, autoaim onto target, enter sniper mode and drop the aim down as you circle the corner of a vehicle, hit the drivewheel.


I have decided that heavies are disfavoured though, because console version has pre 8.6 arty and it tends to just delete heavies at will, and because PS4 still has a more open zergy meta because it's only been out three weeks, so flexibility really helps.  (Need to focus on avoiding potato games to get 3rd MoE on the T-34).

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Been back playing the PC version mostly but have kicked back with the controller on the couch for a couple of short sessions, getting a little bit better but still having a hard time.

What control layouts are people using? I hear C is the best but takes some extra getting used to, is there a problem with a lot of people using M/KB and clubbing stick users?

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