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Hello. I'm the opposite of a little girl. It's time to stop lurking so thus an account. I may or may not be good at internet tanks, but at least I'm not smart. I may have some basic understanding of mechanics. I may have questions and findings that I want answers too that most other WoT-forums aren't interested in.

Am I doing this right?


Awrite, have a good one, see you in another post.

/TheLittleGirl (not a little girl)

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20 hours ago, hall0 said:

Tits or GTFO



Daddy doesn't allow me to show too much skin to other men.

I'm a mentally stable blonde with small boobs. Also not feminist, which is why I'm still a virgin (can't get laid in Sweden if you're not a femi). I compensate by playing arty. Please ignore the beard stub.

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