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2600 WN8 60% WR recent looking for clan.

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I am looking for a serious clan with active players.

Stats:  2600WN8(1000 battles) 2800(30 day according to noobmeter) 1466 overall WN8 52.9% WR

Tanks:  Plenty of tier 6s and 8s.  I have a T110E5,  and I will soon(within the next month)  have the is-4 and is-7.

I am a very active player and I will be available most nights for clam wars and stongholds.  I am 15 years old in case you have a higher minimum age requirement.  I have gotten more serious about tanking my last few thousand games and I am constantly improving.  I will learn from being with players that are my level/better than me.  I left HOODZ because they aren't that competitive or active.  I have lower overall stats(though still decent) because I started playing this game a few days after I turned 11 on a very low end machine with a very low end internet connection,  neither of which are the case currently.

Thanks for any responses!

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39 minutes ago, Firedog119 said:

Take A look at Foxey Friend. Now is a pretty good time to Join them. ts.petcogaming.com- pm a white cat or black cat to talk about the clan. Ill most likely be on if you show up so.

Hey I don't see you in the FOXEY room,  and don't have any permissions.

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If you're ever interested in a more laid-back platooning and stonks clan with good players, check out AWFUL. We usually don't do clam warts unless it's a campaign or whenever we feel like beating up some shitter mexican clans for the lols. So if you've got a thick skin and you're good @ tenks, check us out here.



17 hours ago, TheMarine0341 said:

www.relicgaming.com and put in an app. You got the potential to develop really nicely, and they're a pretty active community

You're speaking as if you are no longer in RE-


Ur in VILIN now?

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