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Broken modelling on Himmelsdorf?

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Something that puzzeld me just happened. I was in an M103 behind the windows in C3 on Himmelsdorf and a Bat-Arty kept pummeling me in the face dealing 450+ dmg per shot until I died. From the indicator I know that the Arty was in the J1/J2 area of the map, so no side shots.

I don't play arty so I don't really know the trajectories their shots have, but how could he hit me?

My guesses: 

  1. He could hit every shot through the small window (because arty is inaccurate :serb:)
  2. He was splashing on the wall above or below the window and somehow the splash reached me (but I thought the Bat-Arty didn't have that much splash damage...)
  3. The modelling of that window is not perfect and splash goes through as if it weren't there like on the rock in Windstorm

Below you can see my impressive drawing skills that show a schematic of the thing.

Replay included for clarity http://wotreplays.com/site/2503290#himmelsdorf-dudixy-m103


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From J2, arties can fire with decent accuracy (remember, it's a small map) through that small window slightly south of your green dot and hit anything trying to hulldown there.

I've shot many things that way before in my arty heyday. The arty assistant mod makes it even more possible.

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I agree with Helix, it's a small map, that area is only ~500 meters from the arty. At .68 accuracy, that's a 3.4 meter circle, and since most shots land in the inside 66% of the circle, it's more like 2.2m of accuracy.

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