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Nicarasu's Replays that Don't Suck!

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13 hours ago, Wanderjar said:

nice farm. did they all drive one at a time into you or something?

I did a lot of zooming around and finishing things off, basically treated it like I would a very thin skinned medium. It's a miracle I didn't get punished for some of the risks I took. Only about a third of my damage was from 300m or further.

I'm just sad I didn't ace it with that lmao.

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20 hours ago, sohojacques said:

Challenger is a real favourite of mine. Doubles as a MT pretty well doesn’t it. 

It really does, at least in a pinch. No one else on my team was really doing anything so I figured I better get my gun to work before they all managed to get themselves killed, ha

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The leo is fun! the 105 takes some getting used to with the wheelies etc but its still a lot of fun to play. and the shock when you smash them is always funny.

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