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Hi all

I finally figured out I need to verify my account before I can post.   I just started playing WoT on my iPad.   I bet that's not considered the real thing but maybe in time they will improve the App.   Whatever.   I just want to improve my play.   After 2,000+ battles I have a win rate of 44% and would like to get that over 50% at least.   I am driving the crusader right now.   I don't know if it's the right tank for me but I'm sticking with it until I am sure it isn't.   I had no idea this game was so deep.   

I'm a Brit, bit of an older person who hasn't grown up and I saw my son play.   He is way better than me but not active.   He has let me platoon with him a few times but now I must fend for myself :(

Anyways, hello.   See you round.

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27 minutes ago, concep said:

Welcome! I still play Blitz and I'm far better there than I am here so it's not unusual (but I am improving). 

Thanks concep

'Blitz' = iPad play?

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