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3 MoE SU-122-54 tips



I have played the su-122-54 for 103 games now, and I absolutly love the tank. Great mobility , great camo, combined with awesme DPM. So I decided to go for 3 marks. This is not my first time, I have 3 marks on type64 , bulldog, su12244 and T-10. ( got them in 2 days when I put my mind to it) But he su-122-54 is starting to prove really hard. I average 2647 damage right now and 548 avg assist. My mark is only at 86,95 percent.  So , I need  tips, are there certain things that help? turning of gamemodes? platoonng with light tanks? do I need to change my mindset? in what way? I have already looked at other 3 mark tips post but they are not very helpfull for TDs generaly,and not specific enough fot this tank. 

Equipment: optics, vents, rammer    ( change for gun laying drive??)

Skills : commander: sixth sense, camo, bia, recon (55%)

           gunner; camo, bia, repairs, designated target( 55%)

           driver: camo, bia, clutch braking, repairs (56%)

          1st loader : camo, bia,  safe stowage, adrenaline punch( 11%)

         2nd loader : bia, camo( 96%)  (damm crew layout!)

ammo:  21/11/3, quite generous with heat in battle

consumables : big first aid kit, big repair kit, extra combatrations

Gamestyle in su : Initialy :  either going to camp bush or spot depending on team setups and map.

                             Middle battle :  keep up with the lines of the battle and support team from  around  300-400 meters

                             End game: use mobility and DPM to farm damage ,  very aggresive to get as much damage as i can, trading HP for damage.


Any tips? I would love to learn !

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I'm just only 2 marks, but with 600 games solo-pubbing in the thing, so I can only say for general advice to win while playing it. Note that win in this case doesn't equal to "Damage farm" so my avg. damage is just 2000 and k/d about 1.5 though.


your wn8 is better than me too, and I don't have any XVM or any mods installed, so take this advice with a grain of salt.


I normally play it as assault gun more than TD, going where the meds goes instead of kemp bush in classic TD spot (leave it to something like 704, they can use it better than you!). And sometime you have to do the spotting for teammate for most of the game when your scouts proves... problematic... (aplenty in pub match, really) sometime I end up with 1000 damage game with zero kills but spot for more than 1000 damage, but it still better than waiting for your dumb (assume this always when in pub match) teammate to move from his favorite kemp bush, waiting with him almost guarantee that your line won't go anywhere - or worse - enemy scout (s) scoop by and invisible tanks bombard your kemp - pick your poison.


For my setup, I went Rammer, Vent and Optics too, as its gun isn't that suck in handling, while Camo net is near-worthless since it has small firing arc - same with Binoc, so you'll be moving a lot whether you kemp bush or go assault gun.


I rarely use HEAT as regular shell do the job fine enough as going assault gun almost always put me in position to drop shots on heavies' side instead of front. But I'll pass on Adrenaline rush, activate at 10% health? most of the time all the alpha tank of this tier throwing around will make you go boom instead of leaving you with just under 150 hit point.


I guess that's all I have to say. Happy hunting.

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Unfortunately, it´s a tank that really gets screwed over by the current map meta. The only way to maximise your effectiveness is being able to tell when you should be playing more like a med rather than a  td.

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You need to aim for 4k dpg to 3 mark that tank.

If you're going for straight marks, I would up the amount of gold you're packing, and instead of looking at how to "win" the match, go to the flank with the most potential HP and farm it out there.  When grinding marks as quickly as possible, win rate doesn't matter at all.  You can win after you get your 3

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