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Stephen King's Ryujo/AKA: The Box Ship/Ryujo Disscusion Thread

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Hello there. I made this thread with the primary intent of getting the ball rolling in the WoWs department. This thread serves as a place to discuss the Ryujo, now reincarnated in hyper reality.

Now about the Ryujo, (which I don't have as of now) the ship prompts interesting concepts as it has a AS build (3/1/1) that seems to completely decimate all variety of USN packages (rather than outflex them overall with the Strike Package) because:

3/1/1 vs 1/1/1: Ryu can rapidly deplete 1T then 1F in aggressive manner and cold-kill the other carrier.

3/1/1 vs 2/0/2: Ryu starts off with a better bomber load out IMO. A good carrier driver can utilize flexibility more than local superiority which the Ryu technically wins because it can tie up both F squads for strike missions and has a equal # of active fighters.

3/1/1 vs 0/1/3: RIP USN

This again is stated in conceptual terms. It seems the 3/1/1 package warrants itself as the dedicated "Anti USN/Lower Tier" setup ('v '

Versus 2/2/2 IJN CV well I would argue this:

Tier 6 Balanced CV vs Tier 7 Balanced CV: Assuming equal skill, the tier 7 wins in all catergories.

Tier 6 AS CV vs Tier 7 Balanced CV: Well AS is a weak category to master considering damage dealt in the right place is key to CV play (I think). These principals apply to both sides. You're on D with AS with auxilliary levels of damage but you reflect that disposistion to the TIER 8 Having 3 fighters is unique because you not only have local superiority but flexibility atleast on par with the IJN in both setups unlike the USN. This statement does not consider the tier 7 friendly CV and the tier 8 enemy CV so results will be rather diluted but the effect remains no doubt.


Those are my thoughts on Ryujo 3/1/1. I think most qualified individuals will say 1/2/2 is the most effective package because "The spice is life" and the war is the  most important aspect to win so curtailing that influence power at the cost of "security" might not be great. The points I bring up don't refute that purposely but to show that 3/1/1 isn't absolute trash and can be effective to a appreciable degree.

The thing I want to ask the public is this: Is the Ryujo a good ship and what is it like playing it at its respective tier?

Thank you for your time in this long read ^_^



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3/1/1 just doesn't have the strike power to do anything with that air superiority, especially in a tier with Clevelands. You also don't have enough replacements to fill your hangar with fighters.

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3/1/1 is not an absolute trash load out and is actually a quite powerful AS load out tier for tier. It's just that IMO 1/2/2 is typically better for randoms because you never know what you'll be matched up against and 1/2/2 gives you the most flexibility. If you come up against a USN AS Loadout (2/0/2), then use your fighter to scout and scatter your DB and TB to spread his fighters out, and use your 1 fighter to pin one of them if you have to. If you come up against a Balanced USN Load out w/ 1/1/1 or 0/1/3, then you can focus your fighters on their TB while simultaneously orchestrating your own strike; either way you can do a hell of a lot more damage with a balance 1/2/2 loadout than an AS 3/1/1 loadout.  

3/1/1 can give a balanced USN load out a hard time and give pure strike loadout CVs a really really hard time, but my past experience is that if you are against a competent CV captain, they'll still be able to get more damage through with those loadouts than you can with an AS package. I think I would use this loadout more in team games against teams that I know typically field full strike but in randoms when your opponent CV kit is random I think 1/2/2 is the most flexible way to go. 

Also AS packages give you crap XP and IMO is just not fun to play, and you generally have less influence on the outcome of a battle than balanced or strike loadouts. 

I typically don't compare planes between tiers because IMO plane stat scaling between tiers is one of the more broken things in WoWS right now. Unless there are 2 CVs on each time, you'd always get matched to the same tier anyways. 

<3 the Hiryu w/ its 2/2/2 loadout. 

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