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Bad Noob blitz player seeks help

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I have 2,500 blitz games.   My overall win rate is 44.5% and slowly climbing.   So, I'm a noob and I think also a bad player.   I want to improve.   My recent win rate (250+ games) is about 52% and 55% for the last 100.   I am driving a level V Crusader (sidelining with the Cromwell) and want to stick with it.   I would like to:

A identify and eliminate errors from my play (such as understanding better when to slug it out and when to back off) 

B find improvements (e.g. better understanding of the maps I play)

C platoon with someone more often so that more of my games feature at least some team element (pet hate: when someone says 'group right' and half the team shrugs and goes off the other way and we lose)

I have learned already here that the Crusader can't take much damage, is not for peekaboo fighting but has an awesome DPM rate, and is a good sniper and flanker and that has caused me to change my play.


That's it.


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Sorry for little activity, but this place is more dedicated to PC (hell, even xbox) play. I remember trying Blitz on my phone and just about cried because of how retarded it is to play a game that requires twitch skills and precise positioning (mobile games honestly are better left as strategy games, the shit controls are easier to use b/c more time). So yeah, most people here don't play Blitz (or if they do, they're lurkers), the maps are different (resulting in less user-content for the game) and you can't submit replays (probably the best way to get feedback is through replays). Sorry, I guess I just recommend you play PC, you aren't gonna lose much by the sounds of it (and your WR will definitely go up, shit controls are eliminated and you gain access to a broader playerbase).

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Thanks both.   Sorry for the belated response.   I am still trying to figure out how to track down threads I started/posted in.

Since posting the above, I have reloaded twice and in my third incarnation I am running at about 57% win rate but that involves a good deal of 'cheating' by using a premium tank to keep the stats up and by actually spending real money not driving tanks with less than 100% crews or carrying less than the best gun (better engine and tracks I can work up in the usual way).

I really should try the PC version and the main reason I don't is sheer laziness in having to sit at a desk rather than flouncing on the sofa.   But I can tell the PC is the real thing.   In fact, I consider WoT to be a totally awesome game that has awakened a dormant interest in tanks and military history generally.

And back to the subject, I figured out how to platoon but generally prefer not doing so.   I ditched the crusader because I just can't survive in it or do anything meaningful when matched with higher tiers and, anyway, I think I play heavies and TDs better.   Probably everybody does since less dexterity is required and the decisions are easier.

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I haven't ever played WoT:Blitz, but I have stumbled upon this guy somehow: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMPJb1bVccRUuM6ftHYSDVA

He's pretty young and not the best player ever, but he's decent, knows the basics and some more and explains them pretty well. Perhaps watch some videos of his, even if you don't find the tanks you play in his videos, maybe you'll find nice positions or learn weakspots you can easily penetrate, or tactics you can use.

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