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[B0LD] So BOLD! We are actively recruiting! New Post!

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So confident as to suggest a lack of shame or modesty!



BOLD is a newer clan that has roots from top clans such as MO, Relic, and HAVOK. BOLD has made its way already among other top clans on the map, facing many of which and going toe to toe, if not winning against them. At BOLD we're very insistent on improving as a team though, so were constantly looking for new players to come fight with us. Don't worry though, with all the fighting we still like to have fun, and we do various things with our members when we can.


At BOLD you can expect:

Past BOLD Fights





~Attendance/participation at least 4 nights a week.
~Team player,we don't need pub stars.
~Willing/able to follow calls in competitive battles
~Willing/able to take constructive criticism.
~Always look to improve yourself as a player
~ 2450+ Recent WN8
~5 or more viable cw tanks

*Some exceptions can be made but ONLY based on evals*


If you feel that you meet these requirements and that we might be a good
fit for you, please message one of BOLD officers for TS info.


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Blue- youre welcome to apply, we can talk about it more then.

Luna- i plan on revamping the posts on each forum as its not my work and yes, a bit Dull. Copy and paste only does so much- rip rip.

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Im actually very bad at poasting. Rip.


Citadel is recruiting though! We've made it to Clan league challengers, come join us for good fights!

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