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Looking for people to plat with

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Im looking for someone to platoon with to just have fun and grind out some tier 8,s and 9's. Sadly i cant use teamspeak or anything, but i can use skype on my phone if youd want to talk. Thanks for your time :)

On the NA east server, name is Procaptain1 message me on thier because i might be in battle :) 


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I'd love to play t8/9 if I had any tanks for that. I'm tankrupt after selling my tiger 2 out of sheer despair induced by RNGesus having smote me repeatedly alongside pubbies' failures.

If you want to putz around at tier 5 though, I'd be up for it.

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Send me a friend request in-game, I can work with you, I play various tanks tier 5-10.

Seeing as you are around 1000 wn8 if you want I can teach you some tricks to play better. at tier 6 I mostly play my type 58, Cromwell, hellcat, SU100Y, and 304. I am working on getting more tier 6 tanks in my garage

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