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3031 recent player looking for a good social platooning clan

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Hello Wotlabs! The clan I was in, ZEPHR, pretty much died overnight. As a result, I am on the hunt for a new clan to be a part of. Here's the catch- I hate clan wars, strongholds, all of that. I am really only in it to platoon. Are there any high ranking clans out there (Except BULBA, they are currently out of my reach) that are focused on playing random battles? Or, a clan that would allow players to not participate in clan wars? 

Currently I am looking at AWFUL and they fit the bill for what I am looking for- a lot of high tier players just looking to platoon. (Although a lot of players seem to be leaving, which raises some cause for concern.) However, I am open to more suggestions. 

My current tier 10 tank is the Obj140. The t62a and is7 will be there soon as well. (I sold my 121, couldn't stand it.)

The two tanks I play the most are the t-54 and the t-54 first prototype.

Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance guys.


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