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M46 Patton KR or Pz. 58 Mutz? Time to Decide!

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The last time these tanks were on sale I told myself I don't need them. I had my FCM, T34, WZ-111 and Super Pershing. Why do I need another tier 8 premium, I asked myself?

Because all of those are fucking boring to play.

None of them are fun: 

  • the T34 has a bullshit gun and nothing else;
  • the Super Pershing was sold once, I won it back, played it, did well, still don't like it;
  • the WZ-111 is lol-no boring IS-6; and
  • the FCM just doesn't . . . work? It should be good, but it annoys me. It wants to be a medium, but can't because shitty camo and snap shots, but it can't heavy either. Plus - and this is a big factor, see below - it has stupidly high WN8 numbers considering how shit it can be.

I'm looking for a MEDIUM tank. Not a pseudo-medium (FCM). Not a heavy disguised as a medium (Super Pershing). I want an honest to goodness medium tier 8. I looked at the T54 Prot. over the weekend. Almost bought it too, but it's derpy gun and slow speed put me off. It's a better Super Pershing in some ways, but it's not a proper medium in the way that it can do a little of everything.

Therefore I want either an M46 Patton KR or Pz. 58 Mutz, now that they are on sale again. Which to choose? I've heard so many things about these tanks since they were last on sale. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it goes something like this:

M46 KR:

  • Godly snapshot;
  • slower and less maneuverable than the Pz. 58;
  • better side armour that isn't autopen for 90mm guns for some sidescraping;
  • 10 degrees gun dep;
  • shitty turret armour with some troll bounces; and
  • slow shell speed.

Pz. 58 Mutz:

  • faster and more agile;
  • better frontal armour but bullshit weak side armour (30mm?);
  • worse gun handling compared to M46 KR;
  • 10 degrees gun dep;
  • better camo?; and
  • faster base shell speed.

What I need to know:

  • How do the prem rounds compare?
  • Which is better at carrying?
  • Which prints more credits?
  • Which is easier to pad WN8 in? The reason why I ask this is that when I play prems I want to relax and grind credits. I will shit out 60% wins, which is fine, but I don't want to have to fight tooth and nail to get to 3.5k WN8 just to maintain or even be lower than my recents, like you have to in the FCM. So this is an important question, as I want to be able to relax, and the lower the WN8 requirements the more I can relax.

My favourite tanks right now are the M46 Patton, E 50 and Skoda T50. They've all got decent gun handling, so I'm leaning towards the M46 Patton KR. However, I'm asking the community for advice/tips, so please fire away below!



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I found M46kr great fun and it prints credits, 3 marked in first 100 battles :O

its armor can take bearing for low tier scouts etc so you can bully shit out of them :) I dont know about mutz never tried one but I have no problem dealing with them in my M46 

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I love the KR and i'm a scrub, 68.75% and 2432 wn8 in it.  I spam a ton of gold and make money.  Kinda like a Pershing that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to play.  Very comfortable to play.

I only played the Mutz on rental.  It seems like it's just free xp everytime I see one.

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1 hour ago, IanSanJR said:

bagh, KR is good? I thought its shit mobility and no pref M?? up to t9 or t10s?

Mobility isn't shit imo, it's not great but not t-54 mod 1 shit.  No pref mm.  10's honestly aren't that bad in it.  Play it like a pershing that see's 10's, spam gold and hide.

The low alpha is really my complaint on it.

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48 minutes ago, Scout_in_da_house said:

Since WN8 is your main requirement and you want camo, why not buy type 64? :doge:


Because I can't buy two :kwim:

Also, to answer your troll post with a real answer, requirements number 1 and 2 relate to carrying ability and requirement 3 relates to credit income, all of which the Type 64 is shit at. WN8 was the last requirement. 

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If you have to spam gold doesn't that defeat the purpose. I found Joyrider's review spot on and since I was able to earn the BiA crew the Mutz ( a modified Indy PZ)  prints credits no matter what tier it sees, as well my win rate is 2 pnts higher. After 277 battles in the mutz and 144 battles in the KR they seem to be rather equally useful. My only wish is i had won the KR during the contest period ( I have luck like a stone), since I could only afford one or the other.

Also there are 2 videos for the Mutz out there: one the unicums guide is ROFLMAO good time but truthful the other is from WG, check those out. Remember  only this the Mutz isn't a front line brawler it's got a Haenel RS9 strapped to the turret.

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I found the KR better for carrying and the Mutz more fun. All around the KR fields better (subjective) armor with more HP and improved gun handling -> carry on comrade

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During the rental month, I put in 202 games in the Mutz and 119 game in the KR.  Their average damage and earnings were virtually the same.  I'd prefer the KR due to it producing a higher win rate and wn8 numbers.  I also found that I was getting one shot by arty on a far too regular basis in the Mutz because of its crap side armor.  But I already have a SP, so I might buy the Mutz instead someday as I need a German medium trainer.

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5 hours ago, lt_lolcat said:

I also found that I was getting one shot by arty on a far too regular basis in the Mutz because of its crap side armor.

only took me 3 matches to get one shot by a 212A :|

can't wait for my first win in it:




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My personal opinion, I like the Mutz much better compared to the KR. I have a far superior crew in the KR and a the same equipment on both. Both have the same MM I think.

The reason I choose the Mutz over the KR is the extra pen that it receives. 14 mm more pen than the KR.

I personally feel that the Mutz's turret is far more usable than the KR's for ridge poking. My opinion.

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When I had the rental versions I enjoyed the patton kr a lot more. 

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This decision comes down to needs and play style.  During the rental period they both performed about equally for me (credits and XP wise) although I won more in the Mutz. 

My play style/go to map spots seemed to mesh better with the Mutz and I had free 100% Leo PTA and Leo 1 crews (from a previous promo) to train... so it made the decision easy. 

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No interest in the T-34-3? Fun, carry and credit printing all rolled into one!

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Both are great fun, while making good credits at the same time. I think the Mutz is suited a bit better for skirmishes, but both should be fine. In the end it comes down to which crews you want to train and which line you want to progress IMO

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