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_VaL's 24 hour and gold giveaway stream!

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o7o7 Friends,


Tomorrow (19/03/2016) at 12:30 AEST/10:30 ASIA server time I will be beginning my 24 hr stream (I do need to eat at some point tho,) and you are all encouraged to come watch. Be it entertainment, learning or free golds that convince you to come, I hope you will stick around for awhile and follow the stream (followers win gold, if you don't follow you don't win.)


I will be giving away 3x3000 gold randomly throughout the 24 hours and 5000 gold to one lucky winner right at the end of 24hours. 14000 gold total!!! (NA and EU too!)





What do you need to do? It's simple:

  1. Click this link and click the follow button at the bottom (you will need a twitch account for this.)
  2. Watch the stream whenever and for however long you want as the giveaways will be random except for the final one.
  3. Be entertained and perhaps even learn something!
  4. Feel free to ask questions or just chat, anything to keep me going other than Redbull and pizza is much appreciated!


I will primarily be playing tier 9's and 10's as I am bad at everything else. Featured on the stream (maybe) will be _Iron, Bolagnaise, TE_Skell, TE_Saffee, K4izerr and many more.




So please come check out my stream, I hope I can provide some reason to keep watching, even if it is my good looks :^^^)






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4 hours ago, ForkUrEyes said:

Do I need to watch for 24hours too to win?

Nope, I'll post in this thread and the official forums thread right before I do the giveaways to let people know, I don't expect people to watch all 24hrs :P

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Stopped stream at 18 hours because I was so fucking tired and I was 5/20 Ingame and just didn't want to play XD. 


The last give away will be on stream tonight, I'll make a status update :)

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