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Deliding and lapping my i5 3570K (3770K update) - lowering my temps

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6 hours ago, Sipher351 said:

Nice! How high did you get it? Broke 5k I hope.

I just completed the operation yesterday and didn't have the time to test out the chip. Before I delidded it, I was running it @1.26V and 4.7GHz  and it seemed stable, though hot as you can see from the first screenshot. That 's why I didn't run extensive stability tests, but the system made a stable impression.


Yesterday after delidding and producing the "after" screenshot, I tested 5GHz for around 45min with Prime small FFTs and 1.35V. Just punshed in the numbers and it didn't crash, bluescreen or produced stalled workers in Prime95. But I can't say if it's stable or what voltage it really needs for certain speeds yet.



5GHz @1.35V resulted in 70°C.

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So apparently my previous BIOS was screwing up my overclock headroom. It caused random instabilities anything above 4.7GHz.
I ended up updating to latest BIOS that alleged to fix those issues. Could boot at 5.0GHz @ 1.37. Many series of p95 BSODs later and I crashed at 1.4v 15minutes in.

Currently stress testing 5.0GHz @ 1.41v

Update: Considering stable for now until I do a long stream session.

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