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12 hours ago, KingYoshiLuca said:

Is there a way to rewatch the race tomorrow? :D 

reddit -> hennostream HfulOU0.png

@BlackAdderbtw is that the same link as you gave me?

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bahahaha, that was fking epic :awyeah: almost as good as yesterdays penalty kicks.

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Sky Sports F1 HD, 720p, 50fps
2a9598b26a7fb47b27dbbc1f35fe97c6250656a8 - 6000kbps
fde012f136649788134ac3a7eaaa61985c3195d7 - 3000kbps
a65b7e2a8a96bea31e1bc8c8d99ea5e7818dcd1a - 1200kbps



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