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Errant individual looking for tourney home...

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I'm looking for a way to get involved in a regular tournament team, or if anyone knows of a group of players that are looking for another.

The Bad:
I work as an EMT and will be unavailable from 1000-2330 Eastern (at the earliest) on the days I work.  One week I work M/T/F/S/U, and the next I work W/R... so, this effectively limits me to participating every other week.  Additionally, as I'm a slave to money, I can and will pick up shifts/be called in on my days off... because real money pays more bills than gold.  This is not the norm, but it is something that can happen.  Sick/hurt/stupid people don't tend to respect schedules.

The Good:
I'm a halfway decent player, and competent, if not good at every class, and most tanks in the game.  I've ground through nearly every tank available (only ~25 left to play), and can therefore grab and equip (with notice) most anything needed, if I haven't kept it already.  I've limited calling experience, I'm not making strats, but I can sub in and call one already created if needed.  

The Tanks: Have all lines but IJA Heavies and Czech unlocked to IX or X.  New British TD is only unlocked to VII.  Didn't list all tanks, just those that I think are tourney worthy, and kept in garage.
Tier    V - T67, Matilda IV, AMX ELC
Tier   VI - Rudy, Bromwell, Type 64
Tier  VII - M41, T71, T29, E 25, SpahPanzer, Tiger I, ISU-122S, SU-122-44, IS-2, WZ-131
Tier VIII - T49, M26, T26E4, T34, Roomba, Ru 251, Pz 58 Mutz, T-54 Lt, ISU-152, Obj 416, IS-6, AMX 13 90, AMX CDC, AMX 50 100, FCM 50t, WZ-132
Tier   IX - T30, M46, M53/55, WT PzIV, JagTig, T-10, ST-I, Obj 430 II, T-54, Tort, Cent 7/1, Conq, WZ-111 1-4
Tier    X - T57, T110E4, M48, Leo 1, Obj 907, BC 25t, STB-1

The Numbers:


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Added Tanks, changed font.

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