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Tier 10 play in general; playing the T110E5 specifically

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I have started playing tier 10 recently, and i would like some insights into playing better at this level.  At tier 9, I have an IS-8 at 53% (189 battles), an ST-I at 54% (79 battles), and an M103 at 43% (244 battles).  I struggled with the M103, since it plays completely differently than the T29 and T32, but NavySnipers had a good article on it, and now I am getting better at running it.  Having the best gun also helps a lot.


I have an IS-7 at 54% and a T110E5 at 46% and am trying to start off better than I did with the M103.  Here are a couple of battles where I dealt a lot of damage, but was unable to secure a win.  Where could I have done better?  I appreciate any insights you can provide.





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Be more aware of your mini-map - when east fell you could've helped instead of left it there.

Don't drive down the middle of the road when there's no cover (wide road).

Don't aim for a 50B hull - you make a turret shot with your last shot that you ignored earlier in the match when he backed round a corner.

Don't pull your shots - you flinch a bit when you shoot and drag the mouse up and right.

Ask the IS-8 to fall back so you're fighting together once the T-54 is gone

Why were you looking for the T21 (left) once the T-54 appeared on your minimap?

Have a think about what sitting at E6 does with competent spotters/arty, especially early game (matters less after their arty is spotted)

Why do you go round the corner @ E6 so wide? 

Pull out before a shell has loaded, it should chamber when you are zooming it (or finish scoping). Your gun is out of the fight for one shell every 5 rounds, the way you do it there.

The first shot on the 50B is pulled, the 2nd should be at his turret and bounces due to the strong armour slope. Aim turret. Or hatch - your last desperate shot of the game is actually a good shot against these beasties, and almost always on offer.

When the 50B is pulling back @ 11 minutes, an E-50 is bullying our two 9's to death. Going east to save them or moving west to join up with the big guns was a better move in my book than going north, but by the time you moved you were way too late to save stuff

Why do you offer AMX so much side when you turn round? You can turn pretty much on the spot if you like, and after you back up.
T-54 - why did you keep driving if it was not spotted and take so long to aim at it?
When you turn round, keeping your gun in the fight would've let you hit the arty. Knowing that only the 50B is there I would've possibly pushed onto him, using hard cover to make it a shot-for-shot exchange at worst. Your team needed him out of the game badly, and no-one was interrupting his map ownership.
Asking the fronts to collapse so you weren't getting picked off by the mediums from random angles without being able to support each other is something you don't have to be a unicum to do.
Why do you go down to J2 and then not even peek? The 50B isn't scared of anything and the logical thing is for the Lorraine to push with it while the T-54 solos and the T-21 scouts*
This is silly. You stay in the open in the middle of the road and don't use cover. Try to find a way of picking your fight, even if it's abandoning town and retreating to a corner with a long view of base. You have no need to be a free shot to two tanks when you could 1v1 it more. Swap to corners where you can see the Lorraine crossing into position, for instance.
(*never assume logic in pub games)
Telling the TRW-2 guy he's an idiot would help. Arty should apologise for that much splash, you shouldn't faceplant tanks arty can hit. Our clan uses binds to tell people when a shell is targeted+coming in, even in pubs.
-_-2 JagdTiger afk? WTF :/
The 2nd game, I'd noticed the autoloader was doing a good job but needed a shield - I'd ask him not to overcommit and to let you take hits for him.
On longer cap games like these, getting into a better position to take fire helps
You did ~4600 dmg not ~5400 dmg?
And...it's always easier to tell other people how to play ;) - which is why you ignore cupola shots on another E5
Too many sheeples in this game, but not as sure what wrong moves you made - I'd have given up your spot to the 50 120 and been a front-line heavy though. This was a game were you did a lot of damage from the back of the field but lacked 'carry'. The 57 Heavy suiciding in the first minute didn't help, but you've got to look at where they pushed from and how many of your shots actually turned the game. You've got a slight habit of spreading dmg instead of knocking tanks out, but unicum logic suggests knocking tanks out now is better than assuming your 'team'mates will actually bother to finish the job - maybe be a bit more ruthless at removing guns from the field.
Hopefully someone better than I am can contribute more.

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Thanks for the insightful comments, Tigeh.  I see that you do well in the E5 and I'm surprised that you don't do as well in your other tanks.  Yes, I tend to spread damage, only because I was trying to maximize total damage done, and I picked targets of opportunity.  I'll try to focus on finishing off kills and see if that improves things.


I went to E6 because I know arty players like to get behind cover, further west of the curved road.  In that position, arty doesn't have a good shot on the center if you stay close to the buildings.  Things would be different if there are multiple arties, where they would spread out to cover more, but since the nerf, there have rarely been many arties in high tier games.


I will definitely time my shots more to move out before loading is finished.  I've also installed optics instead of binocs now, in order to keep my view wider all the time.  Thank you for looking at the replays and critiquing them.

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